2 comments on “Вспомогательный слой для работы с dodge&burn. Какой лучше?

  1. Sundaram on · Reply

    Hi Good tutorial, i have the same problem in my retouching, sometimes i overdo with opacity and flow of the brush and brightness becomes more. but since the video is not in English, i could not follow the video, could you please explain the video part in English please, it could be greatly beneficial to learners like me. thanks in advance.

    • sergretouch on · Reply

      Hi. The main thing is the correct «help layer» to dodge&burn. When you use Hue/Saturation, or Channel Mixer — you see not correct black and white information. And when you create one of this layers, look at black and white photo, do dodge&burning and turn off this «help layer» — you may have «overdo» effect. To avoid this, you need to use correct «help layer» — gradient map with black and whitr colors. This adjustustment layer show you correct lighting info. So when you turn of this layer you will have tha same light component.

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